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    Careus is here to help you and your family make the best choices for care

Our Mission

To provide a voice for patients and families who are dealing with end-of-life care.  To provide education and act as a resource to our aging communities.

Facts:  Since 1990, the number of patients in hospice care has grown eight-fold while the organizations that provide hospice services have only tripled.  Georgia’s 60+ population is expected to increase 65.8% between 2010 and 2030, from 1.5 million people to 2.5 million people.  Our network of care providers have an increasing burden which jeopardizes the quality of care provided.

Careus was founded on the principle that all patients and families should have a voice at the point they are receiving end-of-life care.  Furthermore, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our aging population the resources and education they need to make informed decisions before they are in need of end-of-life care.

To make a positive difference at the end of life for all men and women would mean the mission of Careus is being accomplished.

Upcoming Events

Careus 3rd Annual Caring For Us Fundraiser

October 15, 2016

Senior Hunger Summit

September 27-28, 2016

Provider Spotlight

The mission of Sacred Journey Hospice is to provide compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and families while enabling them to live with dignity and comfort as they cope with issues related to a life-limiting illness.

Living life’s journey with comfort, care, and compassion.